You Can Always Tell Good Breeding

Athriving turkey breeding operation relies on a healthy stock.
As Israel has one of the world’s highest rates of turkey meat consumption, RAMIT has understanding of health control.
RAMIT turkeys are renowned for their high resistance. The company has achieved this by making them free of turkey pathogens such as Mycoplasma lowae, as well as Arizona and Salmonella species.
RAMIT’s all-inclusive breeding activities include a Grandparent Stock Operation that and sells “B.U.T.” Parent Stock in Israel and several European countries; a Parent Stock Operation for producing and selling commercial poults and hatching eggs in Israel as well as in many countries throughout Europe and the Middle East, and a Growing Operation, in addition to processing products for export to Europe. Furthermore, through the offices of I.T.RAMIT has access to two slaughterhouses, one of which is the largest in Israel.
As a result, RAMIT slaughters up to 130 tons of turkey per day and 35,000 tons of turkey annually. By having several divisions under one umbrella, RAMIT epitomizes the perfect turkey breeding operation.